Episode Reviewed:
Secrets (483)

Original Airdate: January 19, 2002

Rating (Out of 5 cones):

This week I divide my review into two categories: The Good...and the Bad. Let's start out with The Bad. Funny. I always like to start out with the bad... unless this is real-life.

The Bad...

Connie, Connie, Connie... where have I failed you? I thought you knew better than to snoop around to see what Mitch's hand looks like! I thought you knew better! I thought you had matured! I thought you had become... normal! After all, I thought you WERE normal, but low and behold... I listen to you starring in a recent episode and I happen to find a totally different character. One who is whiny, jealous, and obviously overacting her character's part. You used to not over-react on some things. You used to keep your cool. What happened to you?

Alas, that pretty much sums up all the happenings and goings on in Secrets. Over the past ten or so years we have seen the life of Connie Kendall like not even how her mom sees her. We've seen her curiosities... her mistakes... her failures... her loves... her hates... her generally emotional nature. And that is why now I must protest, not on behalf of the episode but on behalf of Katie Leigh's acting. In a small sense, Katie has been overplaying her lines a tad too much. If you want an example that I'll fire one away:

Believe me or not, this is an example: Connie tried to explain to Mitch that she was a fun person.. Try listening to the episode and compare it with other emotional Connie Kendall scenes. The Connie we have here is unlike anything we've heard before. Connie's voice doesn't ever get as high as it got now. Connie's acting hasn't gotten as badly as now. When trying to explain that she is fun, Connie's words were "...and I'm fun too!" Just listen for that when you go to compare.

Like my example? Face it. It's true and we all have to face it sometime. Speaking of facial features, hairdos, and fro picks, Connie! What are you doing? I will say this again! Your behavior is atrocious! Why would you resort to dying your hair red (but looks like purple)? Why? Somehow I know it wasn't your doing in a way, because Kathy Weirenga seems to have this knack for "way out" stories. Can't she just write normal SERIOUS episodes? The best I have heard of Kathy Weirenga's work so far is "Green Eyes and Yellow Tulips," and even then it wasn't all that SERIOUS.

The Good...

Whew! Now that I have gotten all complaints out of the way, we can finally talk about what I actually liked. I don't want you to think I absolutely didn't appreciate this episode because I ABSOLUTELY APPRECIATED THIS EPISODE. The above problems discussed were only pinpoints at Connie's recent behavior, not the episode that much.

As mentioned above, Connie sometimes gets a little emotional. We all do at one point in our lives. It's human nature. And such is the case with Connie. It was very nice to have another rendition of "Candid Conversations with Connie," for I was hoping this radio show would have a prominent impact on all the Novacom/Andromeda stuff. And that's what I suspect. The "Novacommies" are going to hear Connie's little blow-ups of secrets and Eugene's secrets and they'll step up patrols, so to speak. It's not to say that this will happen, it's just what I suspect. And I'm probably right... SO BELIEVE ME!

Speaking of Candid Conversations, I had hoped to mention in the previous paragraph that Connie did a great arguing job. Argument scenes are always fun to listen to when you're an AIO fan, and I sure liked it. But somehow I just want Eugene and Connie to argue once more. But I'm not complaining! Mitch and Connie arguing is a nice installment to the series!

All in all, Secrets is full of surprises by Connie, good acting for the most part, and interesting conversations... especially about the "annoying smile girl." Good sound effects, good acting (oops... said that already), good writing. It's interesting to note that I taped this episode off the radio and listened to it 4 times on the day it first aired, so I MUST have liked it!

Jacob gives this episode 4 out of 5 cones. Drop a cone because of Connie's poor acting in parts.

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