Episode Reviewed:
Grand Opening (481, 482)

Original Airdate: 1/5/02, 1/12/02

Rating (Out of 5 stars):


Part One

It's getting a little hard to tell what's going on anymore! First we've got AREM, then we've got Mr. Charles, then... Mitch!

I think that Grand Opening has been one of the best of the new season so far. I have enjoyed all of the AREM episodes so far, but I think this one takes the cake... or should I say, computer.

The one thing that I found myself not liking (yet at least) about the new Whit's End is... you don't really get that feeling that you're listening to a scene that takes place in the new Whit's End in Connellsville. Yeah, you can hear kids talking in the background, but you just don't get that timeless feeling you get with the old Whit's End.

In that earlier scene when Alex and Cal discover that they're being watched through a camera on the internet, I was totally and completely infixed on the show. I would be totally scared at that point to know that I was being watched by someone else. You know what? I was thinking about it the other day, and you know it would be very weird if this is all like Odyssey Survivor! There are cameras going up all over town with no one's permission (except the people who seem like they could turn out to be bad, like Mary)! I read at the AIO HQ that they have moved a storyline about Novacom's TV show, "Survival" to a later topic on AIO. Maybe they are leading up to this! It's a good thing to point out that Mr. Benson has the same voice as Mr. Charles. Hmm...

Overall, part one was really interesting and a very good thriller.

Part Two

Part two of this episode was as to be expected. Pretty interesting from all sides. I liked toward the middle of the who when Alex and Cal brought Sarah Pratchet to the Wonderworld treehouse. It's about time!

Speaking of Wonderworld, that's exactly where Cal, Alex, and Sarah contemplated on what 'AREM' means. They suggested that it could be 'MARE' Margaret Faye. Get it? Mayor? Anyway... she could be hooked up with this mess. After all, didn't she say that she wanted to "break up the old boys network?" Remember when Bart Rathbone told Whit? I think that she is definitely up to something.

The scene that Connie and Mitch are bowling was pretty intense. It was funny, though not that hilarious, how Connie couldn't seem to bowl in her own lane. The guy who kept shouting at her wasn't that great of a voice, but it was tolerable.

It surprising for me to find out who Mitch isn't in this episode. You'll recall that Connie was next to Mitch's computer wondering why Mitch's screensaver had the word "aardvark" spelled wrong. And all of a sudden AREM showed up. Wow! We all know who AREM isn't! Mitch! I think that Mitch is a good guy, but AIO is trying to trick us into thinking he's some bad man and that he shouldn't be trusted. Well I want to let the AIO world know... I TRUST YOU MITCH! You and Connie make a very cute couple.

Overall, part two was very interesting and I hope to listen to it again soon. I give Grand Opening 4 out of 5 cones.

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