Episode Reviewed:
Strange Boy in a Strange Land (478)

Original Airdate: 12/8/01

Rating (Out of 5 stars):

Jared Jared Jared... most Adventures in Odyssey fans like him.A life-changing event occurred when Jared DeWhite's character moved away from Odyssey. Most thought this as a sad thing. Others couldn't care less. I was one of those who cared.

I was exceptionally excited to hear ahead of time that Jared would be returning for an episode. As I finished listening to the episode, I came to the realization that "Strange Boy in a Strange Land" was the first episode in a long time that I actually found to be mysterious and intriguing. AIO needs to make more of these.

We definitely need more episodes with Jared. Jared added life to the show. He and Dwayne made for a nice comedy. Unfortunately when Jared decided to move away during the split episodes era, we were left at a loss and wondered why he left. I think that AIO did a great job finding a way to bring him back by connecting him with the Novacom/Andromeda saga. Very wise choice!

Sarah Pratchet was in her generally mean mood the entire show, and it got rather annoying after a while.

I really can't wait to see what happens in the future with Jared. Only time will tell. I liked how everything happened because of a camping trip instead of a story in Odyssey.

The production quality was very nice and everything worked well together.

Jacob gives this review 5 out of 5 cones!

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