Episode Reviewed:
OT Action News: Battle at the Kishon (477)

Original Airdate: 12/1/01

Rating (Out of 5 stars):

OT Action News has always been a favorite of mine. I never have much minded the beginning when Whit would air a cheesy radio program called "Adventures in the Bible," but the episodes which star Brink Chetley have always been good. Maybe if they would start off each episode with something more interesting, "Good Housekeeping Throughout History" with Mandy Straussberg, for instance. Wait... they did that!

I believe the "Good Housekeeping" segment was a perfect fill-in for OT Action News: Battle at the Kishon.I highly enjoyed the way that Mandy Straussberg tied in somehow. I was totally unexpecting King Sisera to stumble in on Mandy's show. Speaking of Mandy. Yes, it was very nice to hear from one of my favorite new characters once again. I was beginning to think that Mandy was a goner. According to Connie Kendall, "Let bygones by bygones as they say..." One thing I have always been wondering ever since I heard that episode is what is a bygone? Odyssey sometimes says things that I have never been able to understand. You can tell Adventures in Odyssey is written by adults because when I was little, some of the jokes never registered in my mind. But now that I am more educated, I finally am able to understand some of the jokes. Oh well...back to the topic at hand...

Wait... before we do get to the topic at hand, I have to show you another one of my stupid little poems that I have decided to write for each episode. Don't worry. It will definitely be better than my first poem for Shining Armour. = )

Another Poem of Stupidity

'Twas the day of the battle and all through the land,

Not a human was happy 'cuz war was at hand.

Fearful was God's team as the bad guys proceeded,

But Deborah the judge was what they all needed.

"Charge down the mountain!" wise Deborah cried,

Charge did they do and the bad guys died.

Sisera the wimp, afraid did he run,

But Jael the tentmaker was out for some fun.

Hammer! Hammer! Hammer! did the tent peg go,

Oh poor deserting Sisera...uh oh.

Enough of that... I guess I got a little carried away. If you've never actually heard the story or the episode, that's pretty much how it went... although you can probably leave the portion with Jael "out for some fun." Actually she probably just had a deep hatred for Sisera and the Kenites.

This episode was stunningly longer than other new episodes (24 minutes, approximately). Everything was pretty well organized and I liked every minute of it. Except...

When Connie is ranting on her feminist argument, um... she really didn't sound like herself. Katie Leigh, the actor, has gone through a tiny little change in her voice, and it was very noticeable there. Sorry Connie, but you really didn't sound like yourself. Also I thought you were overacting. In my opinion, I don't think Connie would do something like that on OT Action News. Just look at all the OT shows before. You were wise. Connie... you seemed a bit edgy in this OT Action News. No offense.

All in all, great episode. Great sound effects too. I don't think they were overdone at all.

Jacob gives OT Action News: Battle at the Kishon 4 out of 5 cones. Almost reaches a bushel of Tom Riley's apples!

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