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Breaking Point (473)

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I anticipated all during the Spring 2001 season thinking that "Breaking Point" could possibly be about Eugene and Katrina's relationship. Then at the end of the Spring 2001 season I began to worry because just look at the title. "Breaking Point." What if Eugene and Katrina break up? But nothing happened and it wasn't the storyline I was hoping for. I was very surprised to say the least.

 Who is this new "Bad Guy?" My radio station accidentally didn't play the episode on the radio, so I was at a loss. So I went online and heard it, thank goodness! And the new bad guy was just as creepy sounding as Dr. Regis Blackgaard! How does Odyssey pick out such good voices? He talks just like Blackgaard, and sounds just as creepy as Blackgaard! I think that replacing Blackgaard with a new character was the right thing to do, because the Blackgaard saga helped AIO to be what it is now today.

 One thing that is really starting to annoy me is.... drumroll please.... Mary Hopkins. I read that a lot of AIO fans hate her, and so do I! You know, she is such an annoying character! I don't know why, but Mary is annoying. The actress who plays her was good in every other episode, until now. She just seems different now.

 To sum it all up, I really like the episode except for Mary who runins the scenes that she's in. I hope they somehow dump Mary Hopkins out of the new storyarc. And who is Barry? Why does he have to leave the country for so long?

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