Episode Reviewed: Fifteen Minutes (471)

Rating (Out of 5 cones):

"Fifteen minutes" was a very unique episode for me to hear. The quality of every scene was planned so well and the storyline was outstanding. Bart Rathbone made a nice touch to this episode. He doesn't seem very much like a miniature golf junky, but he made a nice add-in to the scenes.

One thing that bothers me is why no one ever mentioned Greg O'Neal in the previous days of Odyssey. It's very strange because all of a sudden this superstar guy comes to town and Connie somehow knows him. And you know well and clear that no one uses the "I'm gonna call the exterminator" punchline. I have never ever heard it on any episode.

Besides the errors in writing, I was glad that Mandy Straussburg showed up for one episode. I don't think that they have Mandy enough. Mandy, in my opinion, is like the replacement of Lucy Cunningham Shultz. They did a good job because Mandy likes to write and she feels guilty when doing something wrong. Nathaniel's also a good character they don't use very often any more.

If you take out all the errors, I'd say this is a great episode. I really like how at the end Alex and Greg are sitting and talking and all of a sudden a lady comes out from nowhere and hits them with her cane because she thinks they were riding through her garden, and in reality, it was Alex and Cal in an episode called "Break a Leg!" Good job, AIO!

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