Episode Reviewed: Nova Rising (460)

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"Nova Rising" reminds me of the old days of Odyssey, where serious things happened and not everyone made jokes all the time. Hearing from Bernard again was a nice thing, and not hearing from Eugene that season was the pits. But "Nova Rising" is a great season starter, and Bernard made a great start to it.

I was especially glad to hear from Arthur Dent a little bit more. The "Bernard working on BTV with Novacom" idea was a perfect way to get Adventures in Odyssey fans kinda on their edge. One thing I wish AIO would have done is stretch this episode out with the rest of the Novacom episodes. Just think, we could have been dying to know if Bernard was going to stay with Novacom when the Spring 2001 season ended. That's really the only thing that weighs on my mind in "Nova Rising."

I also especially enjoyed the scene when Bernard is figuring out how to use his pencil sharpener. You know, that is so Bernard! That added a little spice-of-life to the episode. Which reminds me...

I think that AIO should have done the scene with Cal and Alex on the computer better. Every time I hear the scene now I don't hear time passing music. I hear music from "The Great Wishy Woz." The music doesn't even match. It's a serious scene and they put in cheery music. Hmm...

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