Episode Reviewed: Red Herring (458)

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"Red Herring" was a definite thriller for me. Every minute of the episode kept me wondering. As this hacker entered the scene, I was in awe! What made me angry was that this marked the very end of the AIO season for Fall 2000! That meant that I had to wait for three months to hear the conclusion! And you know what made things worse? They didn't explain any of it all Spring 2001! Grrrrrr!

Cal Jordan makes a perfect addition to the AIO actors. When I learned that Adam Pavlakovich was the son of one of my favorite actors on AIO, I was especially excited because this was exciting! I now knew what my favorite actress's son sounds like! And he's a good actor!

What is RWS? We all know that it is the Radio Wave Study, but why is it so secretive? I was really annoyed when they planned Eugene into the story because he could be a bad guy now! You never know... He could be a bad guy and not know it, but I highly doubt it.

I think that this was a perfect introduction to the new Bad Guy, Novacom. During Connie's interview with Cal and Alex Jefferson, I think that someone from Novacom heard it on the radio. That's why I suspect that the hacker, be it he or she, showed up on the college website. Hmm... Something strikes me as odd with Robert Mitchell (or Mitch as he is better known), Connie Kendall's new bo. Could he be AREM? It's just a thought. Even though Mitch isn't introduced until later, I had to bring that up.

All in all, this is a very suspenseful episode, and I highly encourage listening to this developing storyarc.

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