Episode Reviewed: Opportunity Knocks (457)

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I really enjoyed the new route that Adventures in Odyssey took. "Opportunity Knocks" is an entryway to a great new storyarc to keep the series running. It also helps AIO not to run out of ideas. There's only so many kids episodes you can do before a drought comes. And that drought is over! I was happy to see tons of new characters pop into the scene during the Fall season. Of all the new characters on the show, my favorite is Arthur Dent. We first meet him in "Opportunity Knocks." He seems nice enough, but is he?

I was surprised to hear Arthur with a British accent. I sure hope that he'll remain as a prominent character in th days ahead. Also, I liked how AIO showed the Timothy Center in financial trouble. It seems like everything is always good. We need to hear something bad every now and then. Speaking of bad, two things I don't really like about this episode are how Tom sold his property and the episode is too short. I was hoping that Tom Riley wouldn't have given in so easily. There could have been a better way to get out of financial poverty.

AIO did a great job on this episode for a few reasons. 1) There's terrific acting 2)There is great music and effects 3) It's the beginning of a great new storyarc. I just hope things will work out in the end and we will find out who the "bad guy" is.

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