Episode Reviewed: The Big Deal I & II (449, 450)

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In my opinion, I believe that this is a rather different approach to Imagination Station adventures. To me, this episode really didn't seem like an episode, or an Imagination Station adventure for that matter. Yes, it may have been a superb AIO show, but something didn't match. Maybe that's because AIO was switching back from the fifteen minute shows that had me so questionable. As of the Fall 1999 and Spring 2000, I was critiquing AIO's work because I was very upset at their decisions. I guess it just took me a while to get right back into the one and two-parters all of a sudden. Did that happen to you?

As for quality, I definitely give "The Big Deal" a ten. Honestly, I actually think part two is better than part one because the beginning of the episode goes really slow. I mean, they sure did spend lots of time just getting Aubrey to the Imagination Station. Part two had tons of action, and I think Danielle Judovits' acting was getting better in this episode.

They managed to get the perfect actress for the queen! She is such a creepy voice! If there was one thing I wuld change about "The Big Deal," I would have Aubrey just tell Whit what her problem was instead of dramatizing it.

Just a note: I listened to part one of this episode so many times before part two came on a week later!!!

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