Episode Reviewed: What Do You Think?/Idol Minds (441)

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What Do You Think?

I actually actually semi-enjoyed this episode. The other half of me hates this episode because I absolutely cannot stand the voice of Liz and her character. I like all the cute jokes in the episode. I think that Liz deserved what she was being given in other people's brains. It was a nice "putting someone in their place" episode, and it was perfect for Liz's character.

I really like how Liz's science teacher is fed up with his career, and just thinks of songs all day. He has a funny kind of melancholy day when he's at school.


Idol Minds

"Idol Minds" is a pretty interesting episode, but there are some faults. I like every aspect of it except for how Eugene said that he recorded thousands of Whit sound bites when everyone knows that he didn't. Eugene would have had to explain to Whit previously that he was doing so, and Whit would have known what was going on when he got back from Sinai Book Publishing.

 Somehow I just doubt that Eugene could create such an odd looking creature also.

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