Episode Reviewed: I Slap Floor (440)

Rating (Out of 5 cones):

This was perhaps, the best of the Spring Season 2000, actually definitely compared with those hideously annoying fifteen minute stories. I can't believe they even tried those out! "I SLAP FLOOR" was a very interesting episode all the way through. I must have listened to this episode 20 times throughout the summer months!

What I really like about this episode is, Bernard tells the story, him being the only sane one around, and no one being quite themselves. I liked how Richard Maxwell (who was really Regis Blackgaard in disguise) returned to Odyssey for work. Although this episode was outstanding, I do believe that the actor that plays Richard overplayed the part. I mean, Richard sounded like a little kid. Compare his voice in "I SLAP FLOOR" to his voice in "Darkness Before Dawn" and there's a definite difference.

I also enjoyed hearing from Blackgaard again. For some reason the episode seemed like it was missing something: Jack Allen and Jason Whittaker. Last year wasn't the best of years for AIO, and I sure am glad that's over with! This episode would have been a whole lot better with our faithful comrades, Jack and Jason.

I would definitely consider hearing this episode, although not buying the album, even though I bought it just to match my complete set of albums.

I think that AIO needs to put a bunch of BTV adventures into one of the Adventures in Odyssey Classics albums when they have enough. But there is one thing I don't like about this episode.

Sometimes Jacob's accent is hard to understand and it gets annoying. Luckily it only gets annoying towards the end of the story.

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