Episode Reviewed: The Lyin' Tale/The Tell Tale Cat (438)

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The Lyin' Tale

"The Lyin' Tale," in my opinion, was pretty predictable. Somehow I just doubt that everyone would believe that Aubrey Shepherd would really be able to save kids from a ferocious mountain lyin. Something about that is just way too unrealistic.

I couldn't believe how predictable this episode was.


The Tell Tale Cat

This episode was actually one that I would have put into "In Your Wildest Dreams." I probably would replace "Bethany's Flood" with this one simply because it's worth hearing compared to that one. The only thing I don't like about this is that cartoon network thing. The voice on it is Connie, and it's a very annoying type of voice. It reminds me of a stupid TV show that used to air on PBS a few years ago, "Kid Songs."

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