Episode Reviewed: Sunset Bowlawater/The Long Way Home (437)

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Sunset Bowlawater

I was surprised at how quality this one turned out to be! AIO did such a terrific job on this episode of Adventures in Odyssey. What I really like about it is the fish telling the whole story. Though it doesn't really fit in as an accurate AIO story, it's pretty good just the same.

I like how they think nothing of the fish at the end and flush it down the toilet! That was so funny! And it reminded me of what I did to my fish when it died. I flushed mine (its name was Sandwich) down the toilet too! That was a great little addition to AIO in "Sunset Bowlawater."


The Long Way Home

I was surprised at how good this episode was as well. Usually the split episodes are fast-paced and there really isn't much to them. But "The Long Way Home" is rather "spice of lifey" with a nice calm type of story thrown in to even things out. At the end I like how Aubrey decides not to go to Connellsville to shop, but instead stays behind to make a new friend.

I think it was unique how AIO made it so that Aubrey ended up going to the Timothy Center. It wasn't a very fun experience for Aubrey, but it also showed her side because she was very upset.

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