Episode Reviewed: The Treasure Room/Chain Reaction (433)

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The Treasure Room

This episode was okay, but it's not the best. What I am wondering about is, where is the treasure room at in Whit's End? The shop is already full of used rooms already, but... do you know where it is? I am starting to imagine it on the first floor in a long hallway. That's the only way I can actually describe it.

The episode? I thought it was dumb. Mainly because of the above and how Aubrey and Lisa act. Yeah, like someone would actually call a parachuting company. AIO seems like it's becoming more and more unrealistic these days. They should have made it so Aubrey was just asking her parents if she could call a parachuting company, not actually call them.

The thing I did like about this episode is how they mention characters from the "older days" of Odyssey. They don't directly say who the pictures are of, but you just know that AIO hasn't forgotten about them.


Chain Reaction

"Chain Reaction" varied on me. It is so so fast-paced that I couldn't even keep up. I like how Harlow Doyle mentioned his dishwater soap not having the same minty freshness. That was pretty funny! And I like the burglar's sinister sidekick. Sidekicks are usually dumber than the "bad guy." This time he's really smart in phonics and grammar and it's pretty funny.

The thing I can't tolerate in this episode is they didn't pick out enough actors to play the parts. Wow, we hear Will Ryan over and over and over throughout the story. It's not just this story, it's also the other split episodes.

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