Episode Reviewed: Where There's Smoke/The Virtual Kid (431)

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Where There's Smoke

This episode was okay in the general sense, but as I hate split episodes, I must mention that this one is very similar to all of them. There really isn't any story there, and we can't get to know the characters that well. AIO should have dropped the split episodes right when they started receiving bad comments.

I also think that when Nick said that he would quit smoking, they should have stretched it out more. I mean, it would have been better to stretch it out over a period of a few episodes so you could learn a lesson about perseverance, patience, etc. and it would have also made more storylines for Adventures in Odyssey. Just think of it. Everyone knows that it's hard to quit smoking because you go through some sort of withdrawal. AIO should have branched off with that.

I was glad to hear from Nathaniel's character. He tried to make friends with Nick and that's good. Nathaniel doesn't really have all that many friends. He's like me. He has one or two and he's fine with that.


The Virtual Kid

You know, I am so much like Alex Jefferson. As I listened to this episode for the first time, I realized that I am sort of a "virtual kid." I started working on my website and I became obsessed with it trying to get it at least ready for all AIO fans to see. And I find myself on the computer working on it to this day because it's very interesting to see what people think of AIO, the website, and everything in general. If you own an AIO website, you know what I mean. When people fill out forums and polls, you get a feeling like people like your site and they want it to stay. That's what Alex Jefferson was doing.

Alex was being so inflamed with working on his website that he forgot about the outside world. That's kind of how I am, but I don't really forget about them. I share some of Alex's hobbies.

I liked how the news came to talk to Alex, but somehow I doubt that they would try and turn it into some laughing stalk. Hmm... Whoever wrote that one was thinking strangely. They should have just had David just tell him he's a "virtual kid."

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