Episode Reviewed: The YAK Problem (429)

Rating (Out of 5 cones):

This episode really hits the top ten! Not only is it done super professionally, it also makes fun of something that happened in the year 2000! I like this episode because back in 1999, everyone was scared for the "sudden power outages" that would occur when the ball went down for the year 2000. And did it? No. Some people took it to the extreme by starting to pack six months ahead and bought tons of food, water, and made dried foods.

All the sudden the year 2000 was upon us, and really nothing of big significance happened. AIO did a great job kind of hiding the true purpose of this episode. Somehow the title of the episode gives it away though. I wonder what any other AIO fans thought of this episode?

Though this episode is great, there is some "unrealistic-ness" to it. At the end, Eugene tells everyone that they have a fifty foot banana split prepared for them. Somehow I doubt that Whit would have the time to make such a feature, and if he did, how would he get it out the front door to Whit's End, load it onto a truck, and bring it to school? It's just a thought.

I definitely recommend "The YAK Problem" to everyone. This episode really reminds me of Disney's cartoon, "Recess." Also I'd like to mention that I think Harlow Doyle did a great job on his part. I like how he compared "The Yak Problem" to "The YAK Problem."

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