Episode Reviewed: Blackgaard's Revenge I & II (424, 425)

Rating (Out of 5 cones):

This is one of those Adventures in Odyssey episodes that just doesn't quite fit in with the rest of the series. Does it seem that way to you?

There are some things you need to question. Remember back when Blackgaard wanted to blow up Whit's End? Well, that totally kills his reason to create a program in the Imagination Station. Even if he did, what would be his reason? I mean, somehow I doubt that he expected Whit's End to survive the bomb. So why would he waste all that time creating an image of himself in the popular Whit's End ride? What would be the point if it's just going to be destroyed?

I do like how Aubrey stars in this episode, however. But AIO isn't really all that clear. Did Aubrey receive Jesus into her heart in this episode? I wish AIO would be more clear on the facts.

This episode is hated by many AIO fans, but others like this episode. I am one of the haters of it. It just doesn't fit in the accuracy of the series.

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