Episode Reviewed: The Underground Railroad I, II & III (314, 315, 316)

Rating (Out of 5 cones):

I think that "The Underground Railroad" is one of my top ten favorite AIO episodes. It's obviously my favorite history episode. Every time I hear this episode I can't stop listening until I have finished it all!

In my opinion they chose the absolute best actors for the parts of Henry Ross, Caroline, and the two kids. They all worked so well together as they recorded this! Somehow I don't see myself with the ability to make myself cry over a fake radio drama. But somehow these actors did! And my, what a good job they did! It sounded so real!

This episode makes me believe that Odyssey is in the state of Ohio, either that, or it's in Illinois. Illinois was my dad's idea.

A few years ago my neighbor heard this episode and wanted to borrow it! He must have borrowed it at least ten times throughout the summer! He's my age. This episode really makes you think. I can't get over how realistic they made this one. Just imagine this one as a Radio Theatre!

Definitely listen to this one. It's a definite yes!

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