Episode Reviewed: The Mortal Coil I & II (211, 212)

Rating (Out of 5 cones):

"The Mortal Coil" is perhaps one of the most serious of all Adventures in Odyssey episodes. The topic is a very controversial one that definitely needed some looking at with new eyes. And this episode really took the cake! This episode is a very sad/happy episode. It's also an episode where we see how Eugene is starting to see what's wrong with his false faith.

Writing Whit as the one making the mistakes this time was a good idea. There are just too many episodes dealing with Eugene and Connie's faults and mistakes. I think that portraying Whit as a mistake-making person (after so long) shows that the AIO writers know that the listeners must ask themselves if Whit is perfect. Whit is shown as that too often in the show.

I honestly think that AIO could have done a little better on the Heaven scenes. I can't really say what Heaven will be like, but I just believe that it could have been portrayed better. Also I like how Connie has the courage to confront Eugene in his despair.

If only the Jason Whittaker we know in albums 22 through the present would have showed up for "The Mortal Coil!" I wish AIO would have known a better voice for the job. And I have always enjoyed Jana Whittaker's character. She shows the struggles that go along with divorce, and why we need to stay with our partner when we get married.

This is a great episode to show to an unsaved person.

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