Episode Reviewed: The Homecoming (159)

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In my opinion, "The Homecoming" wasn't the most exciting of all episodes, but it does leave an impact on the listener. Having the courage to ask someone to forgive you after you did something horrible to them is definitely a tough thing to do. And having the courage to actually do that, you are showing that you are in fact truly sorry.

This really brought on a new outlook towards Richard Maxwell. Even though we see him starting to take on a new side in "The Battle," you can see now that he doesn't really care about that now. I really like the emotional scenes dealing with the heartache of Lucy and Tom. It gives an angle that everyone needs to see. Someone won't always forgive you, but if they're a Christian, they most likely will. But in Tom's case, he was too stubborn. What would you have done if you were Tom?

In regards to the previous paragraph, I had a similar experience as Tom's. A few years ago, it was 3:00 in the morning and my mom woke up and saw an orange glow coming from outside. She immediately rushed outside and saw our barn up in blazes. She then woke everyone up in the house and we called 911. It was a scary experience, because the cops did a test on the remains, and they concluded that something flammable (probably gasoline) was lit on fire on the back window. Imagine the fear that went through my mind the next few weeks when I went to bed! I was worried about whether or not it was going to happen to our house. I have my suspicions on who burnt the barn down, but it's not right to talk about. As you can see, if he/she were to confess, it would be awfully hard to forgive them.

This episode is a wonderful adaptation of the powerful impact of forgiveness.

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