Episode Reviewed: Waylaid in the Windy City I & II (155, 156)

Rating (Out of 10 cones):

"Waylaid in the Windy City" definitely was one of the most original ideas for AIO back when it was first produced. What a wonderful episode! This is a very suspenseful episode for anyone who listens to it. I also believe that it was a great way to show that Blackgaard was still up and on the move to Odyssey. I wondered for a long time what would happen next with Blackgaard.

I think that Connie's kidnapping was a nice touch to this episode. It wasn't the best thing you could think up, but it was just wonderful in this case. I like how Connie was always ready to make jokes around Blackgaard because she knew that her life was in God's hands all along. I like the way AIO does certain things. When a person is in danger they usually crack a few jokes because they are never afraid because God's watching over them. A great addition to AIO over the years has been to crack jokes in suspenseful scenes. There have only been one or two cases that you don't want to crack jokes, such as "No, Honestly!", and "The Perfect Witness."

Does it seem only like this to me, or does it do the same to you? It seems like there sure are a lot of episodes in Chicago, or someone mentions Chicago. Hmmm... I wonder why that is? You will be recommending this episode to everyone you come across!

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