Episode Reviewed: Rescue from Manatugo Point (93)

Rating (Out of 5 cones):

"Rescue From Manatugo Point" was perhaps, one of the best episodes that I'd heard from Adventures in Odyssey back when it aired. It was one of the first history episodes that AIO made, and that is probably why it was good. I tend to enjoy history stuff.

The sound quality and effects were done extremely well considering that AIO was still in the learning process. AIO really knew how to capture the excitement of the episode, even back then. The music was perfect for every scene. That's what I like about AIO. They make sure the music is just right or they don't go through with it. Also throughout the series we hear many types of music changes and it gets better over time. There's a lot of talent on the AIO board!

I really enjoyed the story as well. No, I couldn't stand Malonga because he was played by Connie (but hardly noticeable). I also really liked the voice of the guy they picked to play Young Whit. He later appears in "The Triangle" and I'm glad that they decided to keep the same voices.

Overall, this episode is definitely worth hearing over and over again, and I hope you do too.

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