Episode Reviewed: The Nemesis I & II (77, 78)

Rating (Out of 5 cones):

"The Nemesis" was one of my favorite Adventures in Odyssey episodes for a while, at least until "Darkness Before Dawn" came out. I really have enjoyed the sinister plot that the AIO writers designed for these episodes.

I remember hating Richard Maxwell's guts for burning down Tom Riley's farm. But I realized that it's all part of the story. Now that I look back on this episode, I like Richard's decisions because it made a whole new storyline for AIO, being that he needs to apologize for what he's done to Tom, and to those who were affected by Richard.

There's one thing that I don't understand. Why did Lucy go along with Richard's manipulation? To me back then, it seemed as if Lucy knew better. She's one of the most mature children characters that existed! I still don't understand why she would give in because she knew full and well that getting that password would be bad for certain workers at Whit's End. Just a thought. And I really also doubt that Lucy would make those phone calls to Mrs. Kendall and write a letter to Whit. It doesn't make sense. Lucy knows that she would be lying too!

Besides the things I wonder about, this episode is a real cliffhanger and is worth hearing over and over!

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