Episode Reviewed: The Imagination Station I & II (66, 67)

Rating (Out of 5 stars):

"The Imagination Station" was a pretty good episode, for the most part. I always have wondered why they haven't done anymore with Digger Digwillow's character. Yeah, he starred in "The Imagination Station" and later in "Heatwave," but to me that isn't very important. I believe that they should have branched off of Digger's conversion to Christianity. I mean, you know what they did with Connie's character? They showed her newfound Christian growth. They should have done that with Digger as well, because I think that AIO needs to repeat that type of topic to prove that Jesus is the only way to Heaven, and when you receive Jesus as your personal Savior, he does change your perspective on life and makes you better through Him.

The sound effects were okay in this episode and the actors were pretty normal too. But I think that now that they've done almost every Bible story there is to be done, they need to branch off again and redo this Bible story, but instead have Bernard telling someone the story. I believe that the most important story in the Bible deserves at least two episodes, do you think?

I would definitely recommend this to everyone in the world because it contains the salvation message. There is one thing I noticed that I don't like about AIO. At the end Chris wraps up by saying to talk to your parents or your pastor to receive Jesus as your Savior. But they never thought of this... What if someone does want to receive Jesus, but is too shy to ask? Or what if they go to their pastor and ask for more information, and that pastor happens to be the wrong doctrine? Or also what if the child decides to write into Odyssey but ends up being too lazy? Also what if the rapture comes before the person has a chance? You know how many lives could be saved if AIO would just explain it on the air?

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