Episode Reviewed: Connie I & II (51, 52)

Rating (Out of 5 cones):

"Connie" was a very very VERY emotional episode for me to listen to. Adventures in Odyssey is such a good radio drama when it comes to dramatizing! I think that AIO did a wonderful job portraying how you're under conviction before you receive Jesus as your Savior. What a great episode!

I really liked how Connie "somehow" sat with a Christian on the bus named Audrey Nelson. It was a very good thing for AIO to show because God sends people your way because He loves us so much! They do well on all the episodes that people come to Christ. Remember "The Time Has Come"? There's a few examples of episodes that show what really goes on in people's minds before they become Christians.

Definitely request a copy of this, or any other episodes where people come to Christ!

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