Episode Reviewed: The Case of the Secret Room I & II (39, 40)

Rating (Out of 5 cones): !!!!!


"The Case of the Secret Room" was a perfect add-on to what already existed in the world of Odyssey. Not only was it the very first scary episode, but it was also very quality for its time. This has been one of my favorite mystery episodes throughout the years, and I am pretty sure many other AIO fans like it too!

Setting the mystery itself at Whit's End was ingenius! Having a door that Whit didn't even know about made for a nice touch! How scary that would be to know that there's been a room in your ice cream parlor with a fully-dressed skeleton propped up in a chair with a bullethole in his shirt!

I really liked this episode a lot, except I think that they should have replaced the kid character that we never hear from again, Jamie, with Connie Kendall. Connie is a better actor, and I think that would have made it way better.

Every time I imagine Mr. Fenwick, I refer back to the old man in jail that Jafar dressed up as in Disney's "Aladdin." It never fails. Every single time I hear it I refer to that character! It fits, does it not? The voice is also similar which is probably what led me to imagining Mr. Fenwick as a Disney character.

If you love mysteries, hear "The Case of the Secret Room!"

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