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Hello AIO Fan,
We're glad you were excited about signing up for the AIO Scoopian Newsletter. The Odyssey Scoop exists to give listeners the "Scoop" on Adventures in Odyssey, one cone at a time.
It's been several months since the last newsletter was sent out, and it's a big year for Adventures in Odyssey as well. 2007 issues in AIO's 20th anniversary. That means a lot of exciting things are happening this year! What are these exciting things? Well, you may want to keep listening to Odyssey to find out later this year.
What's in a Scoop?
A Scoop of Odyssey, that is. While there haven't been major updates to The Odyssey Scoop this summer, several items of interest have popped up. You'll notice that the main page of the site has taken on a slightly newer and fresher design. It's not too much of a step, but certainly an improvement. Whether you're an older visitor or a newbie, you've probably noticed that we like to keep things both exciting and professional over at the site. The AIO F.A.Q. section was recently updated with tons of fans' questions, so check them out.
Some things have been going on behind-the-scenes as well. Small updates have appeared throughout the Scoop, though you may have not noticed them. For example, a "Testimonials" page is now accessible from, where fans just like you have commented on the site. Little tweaks have also been made to improve page loads and more.
Not ony that, a tentative future update promises a batch of fan interviews that have been hiding in the vault for months. So if you were interviewed within the past year or so, don't worry. It's still safe with us, and we're hoping to release it by the end of the summer. We may not be able to post every single one at the same time, but all interviews will be made available eventually. Keep checking the Odyssey Scoop for this big update!
Odyssey News
With 20 years of Adventures in Odyssey comes quite a few exciting AIO products during 2007. Several Odyssey wonders are planned for release this year. Some of those things include a special DVD trivia board game, T-shirts, posters, special albums, calendars, and more. For more information regarding any and all of these products, visit and the Merchandise section for product images and details.
A new "Adventures in Odyssey" album is also scheduled for release this fall. Volume 48, "Moment of Truth," will be released right around the time of the 20th anniversary of Odyssey. For more information on the latest release, visit
Although it seems that there are quite a few dormant Odyssey sites sitting around lately, a new "Unofficial Adventures in Odyssey Podcast" has hit the internet airwaves. Yes, it was started several months ago by Odyssey fans just like you. To listen to the podcast, point your browser to The Town of Odyssey message boards ( It won't take long to find the link to the site. It's interesting to point out that a very lengthy interview has been conducted with Nathan Hoobler and Marshal Younger. It's certainly worth a listen.
Thank you for reading this newsletter. As a side note, we recently added a site survey which can be accessed by clicking a link at the top of the site's homepage. Your feedback is important to us. After all, if it wasn't for the visitors, there wouldn't be a "Scoop" on Adventures in Odyssey.
As always, if you're interested in learning more about the webmaster, point your browser to The site contains a collection of audio recordings, videos, poetry, short stories, wallpaper, photos, and more.
Again, thanks for reading. And thank you for making the Odyssey Scoop a fun place to be!
Jacob Isom
The Odyssey Scoop "Top Cone"
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