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Welcome to the October 2003 Edition of The AIO Scoopian Newsletter!

A new season of "Adventures in Odyssey" is on the air and things are starting to kick back up in Odyssey. Connie and Joanne are hitting the road and some interesting things look to be happening around Odyssey. The Odyssey Scoop is keeping on top of the season, and some developments have appeared at

EXTRA! EXTRA! | winds of change.

The tide has turned and our newly-released article, "And the Small Bell Jingled" has been posted at the website. Some not so-good things have been happening to one of our beloved characters and you can't be in the dark about it.

POLLS & FORUMS | updates. monthly.

To increase visitor interaction, Polls & Forums has taken a new spin. Over at "Forums" you now have the opportunity to share your opinion relating to a specific question each week and see what others think. This is updated almost daily and it helps you to know what the fans think. Also a new October poll has been posted, and the poll you may have voted in last month is released with the results.

REVIEWS | audio critic.

The Scoop is staying on top of things each week as the season progresses. A new review will be posted weekly (hopefully). Currently, a review for "Seeing Red" has been posted.

COMING SOON | and then some.

Even though the "Sketchbook" we mentioned in last month's newsletter hasn't been posted yet, we hope to get that on the web sometime this month. Also this month plans to release a new Sound Clip are in the works, and you'll be able to hear a cool audio clip, "Trip to Ireland." This clip will be an interesting trailer for a possible upcoming work somewhere out there (Take note that "somewhere out there" doesn't necessarily apply to the Scoop). Don't miss it!

I hope you enjoy these site additions and the ones to come this month. Check us out on the web at And remember, "The best is yet to come."

Jacob Isom
Webmaster at "The Odyssey Scoop"


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