The Blackgaard Chronicles #2:
Pawn's Play

Petty thief and con artist Richard Maxwell joins forces with the diabolical Dr. Regis Blackgaard to rain down more trouble on the town of Odyssey. While Connie deals with complications of her own at Camp What-A-Nut, Eugene starts working at Campbell College in the computer department. He's quickly entangled in a grade-changing scheme and must step up to rescue an 11-year-old kid genius. Behind the scenes, Blackgaard makes moves to force our Odyssey friends into corners with no escape route. Will the power of good defeat Blackgaard's evil scheme?


The Blackgaard Chronicles introduces stories based on classic episodes of the Adventures in Odyssey audio program.


About the Author


Phil Lollar started his performing career at the tender age of five. He won numerous acting awards in high school, and studied music, screenwriting and directing in college, receiving a degree in Cinema Production from Los Angeles City College. Phil then worked with Focus on the Family, co-creating the award-winning dramatic series Adventures in Odyssey, writing more than 250 episodes of the show and directing more than 300 episodes. At Focus, Phil met Jeff Parker and Nathan Carlson, and the three of them developed the hit comedy series Jungle Jam and Friends the Radio Show! Phil also served as a writer and consultant for the Nickelodeon/Jim Henson television series, The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss, twice nominated for the Emmy Award for Outstanding Children's Series. Phil has also played numerous characters for AIO, including Dale Jacobs, Odyssey Times editor.


About the Series

Adventures in Odyssey radio dramas are fast-moving and exciting. But there's only so much story that can be told in a half-hour episode! In these easy-to-read novels, kids ages 8 to 12 will learn more of the back story on their favorite characters and events, as well as find themselves in the middle of more adventure and suspense!

Book Details
  • Hardcover, 156 pages
  • 5.0 x 7.0 inches
  • This book series is based on the popular Blackgaard saga audio episodes of Adventures in Odyssey. This series brings a new perspective to the story and takes a more thorough peek behind the scenes at the goings on not heard in the original audio episodes.
  • The Blackgaard saga is also available as one complete audio collection: The Blackgaard Chronicles (which we recommend listening to first!). Avid fans won't want to miss the extra details gleaned from reading the books.
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