Adventures in Odyssey
Invest in this spectacular super-sized set of beautifully produced Odyssey episodes and you'll never have another boring carpool drive again! Immerse yourself in imagination-stretching, faith-building fun with Connie, Eugene, and the whole gang at Whit's End. Featuring all your favorite characters from past and present, this biggest-ever treasury includes 75 specially chosen programs on 25 CDs. Approx. 30 hours total.


Episodes Included
004: Connie Comes to Town
005: Gifts for Madge and Guy
019: Recollections
049: Thank You, God
051: Connie I
052: Connie II
066: The Imagination Station I
067: The Imagination Station II
099: The Barclay Family Ski Vacation
124: The Winning Edge
152: The Meaning of Sacrifice
165: Bernard and Esther I
166: Bernard and Esther II
169: Hold-Up!
182: The Scales of Justice
193: A Tongue of Fire
197: The Midnight Ride
200: Feud for Thought
203: Double Trouble
221: It Is Well
254: Truth, Trivia, and 'Trina
266: It Began with a Rabbit's Foot...
267: ...It Ended with a Handshake
274: First-Hand Experience
280: Gone...
281: ...But Not Forgotten
294: Unto Us a Child Is Born
313: Top This!
330: The Time Has Come
364: Home, Sweet Home
365: Clara
367: The Decision
383: BTV: Thanks
385: It's a Pokenberry Christmas I
386: It's a Pokenberry Christmas II
396: Poor Loser
400: The Spy Who Bugged Me
405: The Graduate
412: A Lesson from Mike
455: Best Laid Plans
466: Snow Day
467: Broken Window
472: Welcoming Wooton
476: Relatively Annoying
480: The Popsicle Kid
506: For Trying Out Loud
521: Hindsight
570: For Better or For Worse I
571: For Better or For Worse II
574: Prisoners of Fear I
575: Prisoners of Fear II
576: Prisoners  of Fear III
599: Blood, Sweat, and Fears
602: Mum's the Word
609: Prequels of Love
625: Something Significant
637: The Forgotten Deed
660: For the Birds
670: Stage Fright
675: A Thankstaking Story
692: A Penny Saved
700: How to Sink a Sub
707: Mistaken for Good
713: Something Old, Something New I
714: Something Old, Something New II
724: Home Again I
725: Home Again II
727: Your Servant Is Listening I
728: Your Servant Is Listening II
732: Repent After Me
733: Big Trouble Under the Big Top
784: Cycle of Fear
802: Parker for President
805: A Very Bassett Wedding I
806: A Very Bassett Wedding II

Bonus Features

  • Actress Katie Leigh on the creation of Connie

  • The creation of Eugene Meltsner

  • The creation of the Imagination Station

  • The creation of Bart Rathbone

  • Odyssey villains

  • The creation of Cryin' Bryan Dern

  • The creation of Edwin and Shakespeare

  • Chris outtake from "For the Birds"

  • Studio ad-libs from "Something Old, Something New"

  • Behind the scenes of "A Very Bassett Wedding"


Album Notes

The Megapack collection is intended for "Casual Fans" (those who own very few albums, but would like to get a full understanding of the show's full range). This album contains 25 CDs with a total of 75 episodes, marking the largest collection in Adventures in Odyssey history to date. Exclusively available through Christian Book Distributors (CBD).

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