Gold Audio 3:

The kids from Odyssey manage to get themselves into—and out of—all kinds of interesting predicaments in these audio adventures. Rumor has it that the new family in town is connected to the Mafia, Odyssey Elementary School is troubled with bullies, and Lucy struggles with not telling a secret she vowed to keep. With a little prodding from Mr. Whittaker, they learn how God can help them deal with anything.

Episodes Included
Bonus Features
  • The creation of Eugene Meltsner
  • How is actress Katie Leigh like Connie?
  • The many voices of Bob Luttrell
  • The inspiration for "Peace on Earth"
  • Behind-the-scenes booklet with photos
Album Notes

Heroes was first released as Secrets, Surprises and Sensational Stories. It contains all the original episodes from its first release.

The Gold Audio Series was released during a time when CDs has become the main media format. Each album contained episodes which were "digitally re-mastered."

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