Gold Audio 2:
Stormy Weather

Usually sunny Odyssey is hit by a downpour of disasters—from a tornado, to a turbulent voyage with Jonah. Will Connie, Jack, Lucy and the Barclays ride out the storms? One thing's certain: the climate is always right for learning priceless lessons, rain or shine.

Episodes Included
Bonus Features
  • How the Barclays got their name
  • Chris answers your questions
  • The creation of Kids Radio
  • A collection of great sound moments from the show
  • Behind-the scenes booklet with photos
Album Notes

Stormy Weather was originally released as Grins, Grabbers and Great Getaways. It contains all the original episodes from its first release.

Because several episodes were placed significantly out of order, the Gold Audio Series opened up an opportunity to set the episodes right. Taking out the shows An Act of Mercy, Isaac the Benevolent, and The Trouble with Girls, the album replaces inserted A Member of the Family I & II and A Change of Hart. Each of the three episodes taken out of this album later appear in future albums.

Learn more about Grins, Grabbers and Great Getaways, the original release.

The Gold Audio Series was released during a time when CDs has become the main media format. Each album contained episodes which were "digitally re-mastered."

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