Original Series #2:
A Flight to the Finish


Race to adventure with Dylan, Sherman and John Avery Whittaker in this supercharged, fully animated DVD from Focus on the Family!

The Tri-County Junior Grand Prix has come to Odyssey, and Dylan and his dog, Sherman, are ready to put the wheel to the road! Taunted by their new neighbors—Holly and her mischievous cat, Jasper—our heroes are determined to beat them to the checkered flag.

But when Dylan's car literally explodes into action, and Holly’s car careens out of control, Dylan faces a dilemma: save Holly... or win the race. It's an exciting story about caring for others and a rocket ride to the edge of adventure!



Special Features


About the Series

Based on the success of Focus on the Family's award-winning McGee and Me! video series, the Adventures in Odyssey video series was developed featuring the same art style with a Classic Disney look. While the audio series is primarily targeted for an audience of 8 to 12 year-olds, the video series is geared for a younger audience.



No longer available from Focus on the Family.

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