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Whit's End
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Adventures in
Odyssey Club
Membership access to the entire Adventures in Odyssey library, plus exclusive content
Focus on the Family
Clubhouse Magazine
The official magazine of Adventures in Odyssey

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Fan Podcasts
The Odyssey ScoopCast
Yes, we've got our own podcast here at The Odyssey Scoop, featuring sneak peeks, interviews with actors, and much more! Scoop-recommended.
The Ceiling Fan Podcast
Not the ordinary fan podcast, The Ceiling Fan follows fictional characters Ethan Daniels, Phil Jinkus, and more. Self-proclaimed as "Odyssey's biggest fan," Ethan is the highlight of the show. Features high-quality production, exciting plots, and cameos from the Odyssey team.
Audio Theatre Central
A unique podcast that follows the top "family friendly" radio dramas in production. Adventures in Odyssey is included in their lineup of shows, with occasional interviews with the Odyssey team.
The Whit's End Podcast
Hosted by Odyssey fans Bren and Matt, this podcast follows the latest Adventures in Odyssey news and features reviews, interviews, and more.
The Boredom Buster Podcast
This podcast sets out to "bust your boredom away" by reviewing every Adventures in Odyssey episode, starting at the very beginning of the series.
The Unofficial Podcast
Although it is no longer in production, The Unofficial Podcast features hosts Chris and Sarah, with a multitude of Odyssey information, in-depth episode reviews, interviews with the cast and crew, and much more. Great for any Adventures in Odyssey fan.
The AIO Blogcast
Adventures in Odyssey fans Austin and Tasha review episodes, conduct interviews with other fans and the Odyssey team, and more.


Fan Sites
AIO Wiki
This wiki-based site has info on all aspects of Adventures in Odyssey including episodes, videos, books, characters, cast and crew, and a complete schedule archive. The best part is that it relies entirely on visitor submissions.
The Odyssey Library
A library it is! The Odyssey Library contains a thorough collection of AIO-related information: albums, books, actors, people, and more.
The Soda Fountain
Focusing primarily on the audio series, The Soda Fountain has tried what many sites haven't tried before: reality shows. The site contains character lists, a vast Q&A section on a familiar story arc, and much more. Even though it has been shut down and reopened numerous times, visitors always stop in for a visit.
Adventures in Odyssey Headquarters
Started by Nathan Hoobler, writer for AIO, Adventures in Odyssey Headquarters contains an episode guide, product information, goof alerts, articles, and other unique features.
The Adventures in Odyssey Update
A fan site containing product information, editorials, and the latest news on Adventures in Odyssey.
Twists & Turns
A fan site which seeks to give an "in depth and exciting look at Adventures in Odyssey", containing a blog and various features.
The Adventures in Odyssey Times
A fan site which features the latest Adventures in Odyssey and OAC news.


Message Boards
The Soda Shop Message Boards  SCOOP RECOMMENDED
Step up to the counter of Whit's End and discuss the world's #1 audio drama with other fans. Hosted here at The Odyssey Scoop, we give you a chance to connect with other fans, post speculations, and more.
The Town of Odyssey
A special hangout for Odyssey fans everywhere, The Town of Odyssey is the most widely visited AIO message board on the web. Register an account and join the conversation!


Fan Blogs


Other Works
Focus on the Family Radio Theatre
From the producers of Adventures in Odyssey comes Focus on the Family Radio Theatre, drama that is both quality and enjoyable. It's definitely a must-hear and covers various classics, as well as some FOTF firsts, features critically-acclaimed actors.
Lamplighter Theatre
It's dramatizations of old, unknown stories... complete with state-of-the-art sound design, acting, music, and lessons to be learned. If you like Radio Theatre, this series sounds a lot like it!
Heirloom Audio
Heirloom Audio produces The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty audio adventure series, high quality entertainment to bring history to life. Features acclaimed actors, sound design, and music.
Down Gilead Lane
Started several years ago by CBH Ministries, "Down Gilead Lane" is about an interesting town named Coleraine and the small life problems of a large family who try to have it all together.
Fancy Monkey Studios
Creators of the popular radio drama series, Jungle Jam, Fancy Monkey puts together clean, humorous entertainment with Gruffy Bear, Racquet the Skunk, and others. A must-listen.
Jonathan Park
This Christian radio drama teaches children about the truths of creation in the most extraordinary way. Each episode contains a new story to counteract evolution.
A Work in Progress
Christian Walk Alive also produces a Christian radio drama series.


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