#948: "Evening"

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#948: "Evening"


I’m a bit behind, but “Evening” was released on July 28th. Here are some of my thoughts:
I feel like this episode had an awful lot of information dumped on the listeners. I’m sure it will be important later, but I feel like there could have been a lot more action in this episode.

Again, we are having even more dialogue about Detective Polehaus’ blind date with Sky Feldstein in this episode. It is humorous, but I don’t see what the point of it is. I find it especially funny that it was Officer Burke who set them up. But I’m now expecting this to become an important plot even more so, especially since we’ve learned Sky is apparently working with the terrorists.

Oh, and we now have Detective Polehaus’ age: 55 years old. I’m sure those who like to calculate Odyssey character's ages appreciate that. Somehow, I’ve always thought him to be older than that.

I’m really enjoying everyone’s reactions to Jillian being an agent. I can’t even imagine their shock, especially since she has intentionally been playing a very silly personality this whole time. Connie’s reaction to Jillian being an agent was great! Connie’s line, “Anyone else working for the NSA? Wooton? Jay Smouse? Maybe me?!" was hilarious. Poor Connie, always being the last to know. :lol: After Jillian admits she’s no good at making jewelry, Whit’s line “Yeah, those cufflinks gave me nightmares” made me laugh. It was something I didn’t expect to hear him say in that tone of voice.

So, this episode explains why the Chairman needed Jason’s contact at the Pentagon. He needs Jason to get the Pentagon contact to get the codes to launch missiles on the submarines. And I’m going to guess that this Alexander Dervici (pretty sure I’m spelling that last name wrong) fellow is the name of The Chairman. I also think Dr. William Rusk from “Morning” is involved with this Blanshire Foundation. Not sure how this will come into the later episodes, though.

As I said, a lot of information revealed in this episode, which I assume will be essential later. We’ll see how this goes.
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