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#3 Gifts for Madge and Guy

Posted: Sun Dec 05, 2021 5:56 am
by Bren
Summary: Whit tells the people in Whit's End a story about Madge and Guy, who are willing to sacrifice their most treasured possessions for one another.

As the first AIO Christmas episode, a lot of things werr "established" in this episode. Whit uses a real tree for Whit's End. He also tops said tree with a star. It's so interesting the perspective you have when you listen as an adut versus as a kid. For example, when I first heard this episode, I had no idea what eggnog was. Now, I gotta have it every Christmas. Connie mentions using a credit card at Christmas, which is a good way to get in a world of trouble.

What would $1.87 buy back then? Now days you are lucky if that buys a soda. Madge & Guy paid car insurance and then sold the car. :lol: It's nice to hear Walker Edmiston featured as not only Tom, but Mr. Fishbine. It's interesting hearing Guy's reaction to the haircut. Maybe that's one reason why he married her. As a man myself, I can only imagine that long hair is quite the hassle. But, I find long hair pretty. You should see my reaction to a coworker chopping off multiple inches. :anxious:

The episode does have some cheesy moments. But, overall, it's a great fun Christmas show.