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Rightly Dividing - Spoileriffic

Posted: Tue Jul 09, 2019 4:44 pm
by Bob
New album episode out today for the OAClub. A few interesting developments that I thought I'd make note of:

*) A number of people probably expected the Sarah Keimig-inspired episode to center primarily or largely around 'her' character. I was a little surprised when she was a relatively minor part of the episode; not to say that she was unimportant, but more a part of the supporting cast.
*) There are, relatively speaking, a lot of new kids in this episode, more than have been in a regular album episode in a good while, confirming the AIO team's stated desire to start replenishing the roster in that respect. That doesn't necessarily mean that we won't see Parkers around, but it looks like they might have a lighter workload in terms of carrying the kid plots from here on out (versus having to do almost everything).
*) Luella makes a return appearance. This probably surprised me the most; I honestly expected that her role in "The Toy" was a one-shot. I think this is a positive development, first because I like her character, and second just for the idea that there's some continuity -- that new characters don't just disappear immediately after they're introduced.
*) Ms. Stewart does a wonderful job of voice acting for Camilla that blends in perfectly with the other actresses' takes on the character. This isn't news and I've said it before, but I thought it was worth saying again.
*) FaceBase seems to have become the go-to representation for social media sites.
*) Lately the writers have been emphasizing Mr. Whittaker's status as an authority figure, who orders and is obeyed. For example, in "Take Every Thought Captive", while he handles Valerie with love, there's a firmness shown there too; going in I didn't expect that she'd give him the proper respect, but I could believe it when she did. This episode makes three kid characters he's sent out of Whit's End in the past year.

Re: Rightly Dividing - Spoileriffic

Posted: Tue Jul 09, 2019 8:38 pm
by Tarol
I think this episode made me cry? I was rather sad due to finding out my "adopted" Grandma had passed away when I was driving home listening to this. The blind girl at the end was just such a powerful and sad moment that rather moved me. I think my eyes were just moist; nothing wrong with moist eyes. I appreciated the use of violent Psalms by Camilla, a funny plot development and interesting to point out that the Psalms exhist, can be used as prayers, and also aren't all primp and sweet. The new kid Deckland (?) was a little annoying at first but his literal conjecturing was very funny by the end. Lula was awesome as well. Nice to have her back. I really enjoyed the message of compassion and forgiveness too: I feel like its something AIO and just Christians and me in general can forget pretty easily (especially AIO with all its Whit vs. Evil lessons). Enjoyed it though, even though all the introduction of so many characters where kinda annoying.

Re: Rightly Dividing - Spoileriffic

Posted: Thu Oct 10, 2019 11:27 am
by ASmouseInTheHouse
I agree that there were a lot of new characters in this episode. I wish they were spread out a bit more, maybe over several episodes. I'm glad more bullies are being introduced, we've had a lack since Vance was arrested. Mickey kinda reminded me of Dion and Hugo of Harry from Groundhog Jay. I wonder if we'll see Declan and the bullies in in the future.
It was good to see Wilson Knox in the mainstream. Rightly Dividing is only his third episode out of the club...

Re: Rightly Dividing - Spoileriffic

Posted: Sat Oct 12, 2019 3:40 am
by djchatswithu
Mickey almost seemed like a 'stereotype' bully. The scene with Whit throwing mickey out of Whit's End seemed extremely similar to when Doug was thrown out in 'In Harms Way', it was like they rewrote that scene to fit the show, but I liked that, as I once wondered what that would sound like.