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783: Words from the Wise

Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2016 4:28 pm
by Bren

Wooton travels to Pittsburgh with his new fiancée Penny to meet her family. While there, Wooton discovers that his future in-laws have serious concerns about the upcoming wedding.
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Was it me or did Penny's family seem weird? I mean I know Wooton and Penny are kinda weird, but they are weird in a fun way and Penny's family seemed weird as in strange.

Re: 783: Words from the Wise

Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2016 5:15 pm
by Baron von Odyssey
I really enjoyed this episode and Penny's family, especially her mother.

Re: 783: Words from the Wise

Posted: Thu Mar 17, 2016 11:55 pm
by Pound Foolish
A commenter on Whit' said, "I bet her mom will have one of those annoying hairdresser voices." I chuckled... and then she did. My my. How does every cartoony hairdresser have the same voice? Does the same woman do them all? To honest, I loved it.

Very witty episode. I wasn't sure what to think of how awkwardly the family acted at first but you warm to to them. The relationship between Penny and her parents ended up being quite touching. Wooton defending Penny to her mom was very touching. The renewal of vows at the end was very sweet. For me it wasn't knee slapper funny. Part of that being we've seen this shtick in aio before. The family doesn't seem to like the groom, fancy restaurant, things go badly, a bunch of emotions leading to an eventual explosion.

Also, the resolution didn't quite convince. The episode had already made it very clear the parents did think little of Penny, it was a bit late to backtrack. Granted, the few examples Penny sited were incorrect, but really? I know she's insecure, but her whole life she mistakenly thought her parents considered her too silly when it was completely the oppositel!? Why were her parents continuously giving her advice, correcting her and praising Charlotte if they were really so confident in Penny? They really asked you to crank that suspension of belief from 2 to 10.

For those reasons I gave it three rather than four or five. I was still very satisfied though. It's good to finally meet Penny's family. Considering this was kind of an obligatory episode it was well done. Not quite the return to comedic greatness I'd like to see from Kathy Buchanan, but hopefully that's coming with A Very Basset Wedding.

Re: 783: Words from the Wise

Posted: Thu Jul 07, 2016 7:28 pm
by Novatom
I know that in Odyssey, if a character says something, we can pretty much assume them to be telling the truth (most of the time). Ignoring that and thinking about real life, I think we could safely assume that Penny's parents were just being nice when they talked about their feelings toward Penny. Maybe the things they said about the painting and whatnot were true, and they probably do love their Penny, but they could still see serious flaws in her and prefer Charlotte. Or, even if they weren't lying, they might just want to believe that they don't have favorites among their children and so convince themselves of that, while really having a significant preference for Charlotte.

Re: 783: Words from the Wise

Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2016 8:45 am
by PennyBassett
This is a great episode! I loved meeting Penny's family and learning a little more about her! The episode itself was well done, and perfectly executed by the authors, actors and sound designers. The relationship between Wooton and Penny is much more romantic than previous episodes, and it's been awesome to see them grow in their relationship. This episode was also the first one where Penny looses her temper, and you can really understand the stress and really, the sadness behind it. I loved how Wooton stuck up for her at the end of this episode. It really showed how much she meant to him, and how much he loved her. The characters of Penny's parents and sister are extremely well presented, and you can really tell that their personalities shaped Penny's. You may not have noticed, but at the beginning of the episode, at the airport, one of the background noises was an alarm clock. Maybe the sound designers will explain that choice in a future podcast.

Ok I just copied and pasted that review from my website. So I gave it a four because there were some small plot holes in the episode that were a bit annoying. Like, the explanation for why Penny's painting was in her parent's closet was a little unrealistic. Overall it was pretty good though.