Album 60: Head Over Heels Discussion

Grab your AIO albums, and find a table! What makes your favorite episode the best? Have an episode you really dislike? This is the place to review and discuss AIO episodes and albums.
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Re: Album 60: Head Over Heels Discussion


Mickey wrote:Another family you guys forgot is Eugene, Katrina, and Buck.
We haven't necessarily forgotten about them, as they are not permanent yet. Does the AIO team plan on developing them into a long-term family unit? Most likely. Does this idea have large amounts of potential? Absolutely. But Buck came to reside in the Meltsner home just recently, and is still in the "halfway house" position instead of being a full-fledged member of the family.

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Re: Album 60: Head Over Heels Discussion


Well, I thought the last couple episodes were pretty good.

Between the Lines p1:
Not a lot was still pretty interesting though.

Between the Lines p2:
I feel like they were trying to squeeze a bit too much into these two episodes. This part felt kinda rushed because it had to clear up Jana, Whit's problems, and Devon in just about 25 minutes.
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Re: Album 60: Head Over Heels Discussion *spoilers*


Okay, I'm behind here...

I thought Cycle of Fear was very good. I wasn't looking forward to this episode because the plot of "Eva learns to ride a bike" sounded rather silly. However, I enjoyed the multiple story lines, and found it rather funny too. Matthew's quote about "2nd Galatians" (or whatever it was :anxious:) as pretty good too. :lol:

No Cause for Concern was a rather boring episode...I was hoping there'd be a little more story when Wooton's family came back, but I guess this is best we get. And as AIOrocks said, it was very similar to "The Return."

The Case of the Ball Cap Hero was... different. For one thing, Jay wasn't the bad guy. :mad: And also, Matthew really acted like the typical "Detective's Sidekick", rather than his usually "I'm not the sidekick." The entire story seemed to be following the old style of radio mysteries, which, I'm guessing was AIO's goal from the first place. It was enjoyable, but nothing that special.

Between the Lines, 1 & 2. Well, my little sister was right. At the first part, she claimed "Guess what? Whit has 'holier-than-thou' disease!" And at the second part, she was correct. xD Apparently Whit now has the super power to feel sick when sin is around? *sighs and shakes head* And Jana's back. I never really cared much about Jana, so her return wasn't anything special. Jana's emotional moment at the end seemed a little too much like Jason's in The Labyrinth, but that might have just been me. O.o I was rather disappointed how they showed the "pagans" (whatever you want to call them) to be silly and stupid... rather than taking them a little more serious. I did think this was rather dark for an AIO episode... which I liked. :mrgreen: Also, as soon as 'William' said "Penny's coming? I have to go!" I knew it was Devon. I'm still so confused as to why Penny, whe she first sees 'William,' says "hello William >_>" rather than doing what everyone would expect her to do and scream like she did at the end of TTB. Oh well. That plot line was sweet though.

Overall, the album was okay. I enjoyed it so much more than last album, because there were very few "distracting" plot lines running at the same time as the main plot. *cough Buck and Vance cough* It was nice to see all three people/families from Wooton/Penny's past come talk to them and basically approve of the marriage. It was odd not to hear much of Whit in this album, but I didn't exactly miss him that much. I almost wish they would have just made The Case of the Ball Cap Hero an AO club episode, add another Wooton/Penny episode, and have only the one episode (Cycle of Fear) that didn't involve Wooton and Penny... But, I guess that's not how AIO usually does it. ;)
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