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Grab your AIO albums, and find a table! What makes your favorite episode the best? Have an episode you really dislike? This is the place to review and discuss AIO episodes and albums.
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Worth It


What did everyone think?
The Imagination Station sounds like a car trunk closing...
"Next up, Mark Morgan's message to all math maniacs in the middle school is meaningful if you mingle by the mezzanine for a momentous mix of methodological mayhem and a menagerie of multiplicative inversions. Ha ha ha! I bet I could say this backwards. Inversions multiplicative of menagerie a and mayhem methodological..."
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if this was a 'good old 12 episode' album, then we'd probably hear the whole saga in one album. Well, I guess we'll just have to keep listening.
I think overall the episode worked rather well. it was a good choice to have Whit rather than Wilson in this episode, as Whit sounded like he'd actually been through a similar time, due to Jenny, Jerry, etc. I also like that he was was just trying to answer Olivia's questions, rather than suggest things or push her to make a decision.

Morrie told Whit he uses his inventions to make people do the right thing, but here Whit let Oliva lead the conversation, and only bought up the IS adventure as a suggestion. if Whit (who knew about the situation) was doing what Morrie said Whit was, then Whit would have set the program up and invited Olivia there (a bit like he did with Valerie). Faith is something Whit's very sensitive about, so does this (even partially) prove Morrie wrong?

In regards to the Story Arc, Olivia seems to want to believe again, but Ms Adelaide's words are putting her off. I know this might sound a bit strange, but this reminds me of the Batman story "the killing joke", specifically the end scene. Just to recap for those who don't know, the last scene features a conversation between Batman and Joker. Batman asks if 'they' (Batman/Jokers fighting) will ever end, and Joker replies with a joke about two men escaping prison via a board between two buildings. The first one offers to shine a light cross the board for the second, but the second replies "are you crazy, you'd turn it off before I got there". What if Ms Adelaide went through something, and having lost faith, doesn't want to set herself up for disappointment again, or is just too angry or bitter to want to try to or accept help. Whit has been through a lot, yet still has his faith. At this point, I'd say that Olivia wants to cross the board, but still want's to more before she does. My guess is we may hear more about Ms Adelaide's past, because I'm sure David and Eva won't be happy when they hear about the assignment, especially after "TTTB".
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Here are my thoughts on the finale episode of Album 71: A Slippery Slope:
So, it doesn’t look like Olivia will be getting her faith back in this album. Oh, well. Maybe in Album 72.

I thought this was a good episode!
I’m glad Whit finally made an appearance. I enjoyed hearing Whit and Olivia in this episode. As Djchatswithu said, I liked how Whit wasn’t pushing Olivia to do anything and let her ask him any questions if she wanted to.

It’s good to see the Imagination Station being used in a mainstream album. This adventure, as I predicted, was based off the story in John 9. I had thought that it would focus on the part with the Pharisees questioning the man and his parents, but it focused more on the blind man and how his and his mother’s life is like being blind. Which I am fine with, I think it worked well.

:lol: These lines made me laugh:

Olivia Parker: Can I help you find someone?
Lydia: My son, Ezra. He needs to come home with me. <calling> Ezra!
Olivia Parker: How old is he?
Lydia: Twenty.

Giving the listeners a look into Ezra’s life and how he couldn’t see anything, let alone color, was very interesting. Jesus heals the blind man by putting mud in his eyes and telling him to wash in the Pool of Siloam. The scene where Ezra realizes that he can see was great.

As Whit said at the end, there’s something that happened that Olivia is not saying. Something deeper than just shock over Mr. Norton’s death. Something besides that must have brought on Olivia doubting her faith. And I’m thinking that it can be traced back to Mrs. Adelaide. She must have said something, or had Olivia research something that triggered this thinking. I don't know, but it must be something. :? I assume the next album will give us the answer.
Overall, I liked it. I’m looking forward to Album 72!
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