Thoughts on AIO Club Season 9?

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Thoughts on AIO Club Season 9?


Meant to make this topic in December but it completely slipped my mind. :oops:
The year of 2022 came to an end, and in that year, there were twelve Adventures in Odyssey Club exclusive episodes that were released:

1. “A Dickensian Dilemma”
2. “In for a Penny”
3. “Drake and the Aberrant Automaton”
4. “The Way of the Comic Book”
5. “Knox on Love”
6. “Results May Vary”
7. “Fishing for Gold”
8. “The Honor of Obed Edom”
9. “The 18-Yard Line”
10. “Showdown in San Poco”
11. “A Friend in Need”
12. “Knox on Sacrifice”

There were a few notable items here:
  • “Knox on Love”, which is the first of the episodes that are meant to replace B-TV, according to the Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast. Wilson Knox officially starts his new podcast which has different stories centered on a specific theme.
  • “Fishing for Gold”, which reveals that Detective Don Polehaus has a granddaughter. We continue to see the more human side of Polehaus here, something that is brought out when he is with Molly.
  • “Knox on Sacrifice”, the second episode of Wilson’s podcast, which features Will Ryan’s last performance. :boohoo: It also tells us a new story of Whit’s childhood with Jack Allen and Wilson.
In my opinion, this season was okay, mostly average. I didn’t find very many episodes in here to be particularly amazing. There were only a few that I really liked and went back to listen to multiple times for fun. These included “The Way of The Comic Book”, “Knox on Love”, and “A Friend in Need”. Surprisingly, I can name my favorites from this season: It is a tie between “The Way of The Comic Book” and “A Friend in Need”. It’s unusual that I am able to chose one favorite episode, because I usually am unable to because I liked a majority of the episodes. So, I’m not sure if the fact that I am easily able to choose a favorite says something about the season as a whole. I don’t know, maybe it means this season is not as great...? :? However, I won’t dwell on this and will leave it open to discussion.

What are your thoughts on the episodes in Season 9 of the Adventures in Odyssey Club? Were they good? Could they have been better? Any particular episodes you could have done without? Let’s discuss!

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My favorites for this season were "The Way of the Comic Book," "Results May Vary," and "A Friend in Need." Interesting that there were two "Knox On" episodes in one season. Six out of the twelve were stories being told through KYDS Radio or the Imagination Station, or through Pastor Knox. Generally, I don't usually enjoy 'story' episodes, so it makes this season feel small in terms of episodes I did enjoy since there were fewer to choose from.

On the positive side, I was very happy with "A Friend in Need" since a while back with a Q and A with Marshal Younger, I asked him if there were any plans for going deeper with Jay. He answered that there was an upcoming episode that would deal with Jay's home life and I believe this was it. Thank you, Marshal Younger! It was great to hear more about Jay's family. Here's to hoping that this is also done in the mainstream.

Overall, this season was okay. I did like the previous season better, though.
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