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Snow 'Em Who's Boss

Posted: Thu Nov 04, 2021 3:11 pm
by ASmouseInTheHouse
What did everyone think of this episode?
Overall, I thought it was good. I'm not too happy about the Jay-Zoe thing being continued, though.

Re: Snow 'Em Who's Boss

Posted: Wed Nov 10, 2021 10:53 am
by Polehaus53
The blizzard continues! \:D/ I’ve been enjoying this snow series and trying to figure out how each episode connects.

This episode was interesting. I do have some small problems with it, but the main problem I have with this episode is Jay Smouse. Jay’s behavior towards Zoe is going too far. This episode is by far the worst of all of Jay’s episodes where he is stalking Zoe. Signing up to join a retreat without knowing what the retreat is about just for the sole reason of seeing Zoe? And then he essentially says that he’s going to turn on the bus engine again and let it run out of gas (not to mention give carbon monoxide poisoning to everyone again) unless he gets to snuggle with Zoe? Uh, yeah, that’s too much. :anxious: I am not in favor of this. Not funny. :noway: Seriously, this whole Jay and Zoe thing needs to stop. There needs to be an episode where Zoe whacks Jay on the head, and he stops following her around everywhere. It was humorous at first, but now it's getting old and a bit disturbing. :x

Besides my complaints about Jay's behavior, "Snow 'Em Who's Boss" was interesting. Jay, Wyatt, Zoe and Olivia’s interactions were fun to hear. I liked how we got to see how each person got to be leader (except Zoe) while Wooton was gone. Each person had their own methods of being leader, which I enjoyed. I think that Olivia made the best leader out of them.

I was actually not expecting Wooton to have gone in a circle and end up back where he started, so I was genuinely surprised when he said that he found another bus, not expecting it to be the same one he had left. :lol:

Looks like we’ve got a new film series in Odyssey. The “Phillips Head Screwdriver” franchise. A horror series of twelve movies. Sounds interesting (although I probably wouldn’t want to watch them either).

There were some hilarious lines in this episode. Wyatt’s line, “Come on, Olivia. You can’t learn true leadership from a book… You have to go on the Internet!” was funny, as well as Jay saying he was John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln and then realizing that it didn’t end too well for them.

Also an interesting line by Wooton where he tells the kids to tell Penny about the mouse in their garage, which he has named Boris. Not sure why she didn’t know about it before, unless Wooton hasn’t told her about him before and now needs someone to feed it. I can just imagine Wooton hanging out in the garage and talking to the mouse while trying to hide it from Penny. We need an episode about that! :lol:

Looks like ASmouseInTheHouse’s theory about Whit and Wooton coming on the horses and sleigh was correct. Although we don’t know which horses they’re using. Maybe they will be Rachel and Leah, or perhaps entirely new horses. I guess we'll soon find out. It’s also interesting that we don’t hear any dialogue from Whit or Wilson. Maybe they’ll say something in the next episode.

I have a theory about next month's snow episode and how it will connect to the previous episodes. My thought is that Wyatt will turn out to be the injured kid whom Dr. Calhoun treats in “The Snow Must Go On”. In next month’s snow episode, he will somehow injure himself, and he will be transported to the hospital. We also know from the Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast that Buck and Jules will be appearing in this series, so I think that it will be them who take Wyatt to the hospital. I also think that all the characters who have appeared in these snow episodes will all meet up in next month’s episode.

Overall, this episode was alright. I can't decide if I like it better than "Sew On and Snow Forth". But I can say that I think the first episode of this series, “The Snow Must Go On” was better.

The next episode, “Make Snow Mistake”, releases December 1. We shall soon see if my theories are correct. \:D/