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Search for a Sunflower


What did you all think of it?
I thought it was great! good episode, the first one I've liked from Abigail Geiger
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This is Abigail Geiger’s third episode. I thought it was fine. Here are a few things I noted:

-Jaques Henri returns in this episode! His last episode was “Your Honsest Opinion, Please”, so it was good to hear from him again. \:D/

-I’m not sure if I liked everyone correcting Mr. Henri's expressions, though. His messing up of expressions are funny enough without people correcting them.

-I like that Penny is appearing in episodes without Wooton. Wooton has been in a lot more episodes than her, and she needs to catch up. :noway:

-Also, I liked Detective Polehaus. I was surprised by the ending, though. Interesting that he and all his men decided to fund Penny’s project. Very surprisingly nice of him, actually. In recent episodes we have been seeing a softer side to Detective Polehaus. This is another episode where we see that. And I’m perfectly fine with it. This is good character development for him.

-I liked the part where Connie and Penny go digging in the dumpster in this episode. Dumpster diving seems to happen occasionally in Odyssey. An activity I think I might want to try at some point. ;) I found it funny that Penny is finding a bunch of pizza boxes and then the pawn shop guy comes out with more pizza to throw in. :lol:

-I liked the music and was surprised that there was a different composer for this episode! When Chris does the wraps, she says the music was by Taylor Smith. Very good job, Tyler Michael Smith. :clap: I hope he composes music for more episodes in the future.

Overall, it was a fine episode. Out of the three episodes Abigail Geiger has written, I like this one the best. It was interesting episode. Not very memorable, though. I’d like to see her write for characters other than Wooton and Penny. I hope to see more of Abigail Geiger’s writing in the future. “The Revenge of Bigfoot”, an episode written by her about Buddy and Jay will be coming out in June, and I look forward to hearing it.
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