#982: The Ark’s the Thing

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#982: The Ark’s the Thing


The first episode of season 11 of the Adventures in Odyssey Club. I enjoyed hearing from one of Kristen’s siblings. I still would be interested in hearing an episode with the entire family.

It was a unique combination between Olivia and Emily. Those are two characters that we do not hear interact very much. Having a whole episode between the two of them was cool.

I liked that we hear about how Olivia is doing after her arc with her faith from Albums 71 and 72. I'd be interested in hearing more on this.

I need to hear the episode again before making any final judgements. What did everyone think about this episode? Let’s discuss!

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Happy 300th Post, Polhaus53!

Here's my rambings:
I'm on team Emily with this one. I think the kids would probably learn more and have more fun with the informative style play. I do love some of that Answers in Genesis type stuff that makes theories on the pre-flood world. Maybe too hard for some kids to digest, but as a nerd I know I would have loved that when I was a kid. Olivia's idea was...well, creative? There was undoubtedly real drama in the flood as mankind was so wicked, but it would be best skipped over in a play for kids. An attempt to show that evil while remaining kid friendly would likely be cringe inducing at best (flashbacks to the waitress in Black Clouds shouting, "Your mother wears army boots!" :D )

The fog machine might have worked really well with some blue floor-level lighting to portray the rising water. Of course I have no experience with fog machines, but I don't think it was a terrible idea if used right.

Olivia needed to show to temper her expectations with the play, the one kid could barely read his lines in front of other crew members and she expects him to perform multiple roles? It's consistent with Olivia's personality to be a little over zealous of her own goals and I know she wouldn't do it intentionally, but that's way to much pressure on an already stressed out kid.
Polehaus53 wrote:
Sun Apr 21, 2024 1:10 pm
I liked that we hear about how Olivia is doing after her arc with her faith from Albums 71 and 72. I'd be interested in hearing more on this.
Yes! Here's hoping the writers make use of episodes like this to show her development in faith. It's a long slow process for many learning what you believe about God and even slower in shaping how you treat others (Sorry for when I've been a jerk!). Reminds me of a quote from Narnia after Eustace was undragoned, “It would be nice and fairly nearly true, to say that 'from that time forth, Eustace was a different boy.' To be strictly accurate, he began to be a different boy. He had relapses. There were still many days when he could be very tiresome. But most of those I shall not notice. The cure had begun.” -CS Lewis
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