#974: The Show Must Go On (and On)

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#974: The Show Must Go On (and On)


This episode had a most interesting plot, which I thought was done well. I do appreciate how it showed the relationship with Connie and Jules and how they are doing after the events of the episodes “The Best Is Yet to Come”. The part with the Christmas karaoke was funny. :lol: I liked how we hear Odyssey High School's Principal Solly again; I am always interested in hearing from minor characters who don't appear very often, and Principal Solly, who first appeared in “The Team”, is one of them. I find it interesting that we're hearing more from Horus' mother, Edie Nernst, in recent episodes. I would not be opposed to hearing more from her and Horus in future episode.

I need to hear this episode again before making any final judgements. What are everyone's thoughts on this month's AIO Club episode?
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