The Official Soda Shop Mafia Rules

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The Official Soda Shop Mafia Rules


Below is the basic rules for the Mafia Games hosted by this forum.

The administration decides who will host mafia games and when, please do not post your own.

What is mafia?

Mafia is a mystery game played by a group of people. There are the good guys, called townies, and bad guys, called the mafia. At night, the mafia member(s) get to choose someone from the game to kill. When everyone wakes up, the narrator posts what has happened that night, and the remaining members of the game who are alive get to vote on who they think is the mafia. Of course, the mafia don’t want to die, so they keep their evil identity well hidden. Then at the end of the day, the person with the most votes is executed, and the narrator will reveal their actual identity.

This cycle continues until either the mafia has a simple majority (50%) and takes over, or until the mafia has been destroyed.

How to Play?

First, sign up for the game. After everyone has signed up, the narrator determines the roles using a randomizer.

Secondly, check your pms after the game has started. If you have a special role, the narrator will inform you. If you don’t have a special rule, they will not send you a pm.

Third, keep active in the game

Fourth, have fun!


How To Vote:
To vote, simply say vote: soandso. It really helps if you place bold brackets around your vote as well.

To unvote, simply say unvote: soandso

To change your vote, simply say votechange: san and so

Please do not post that you’re voting for a certain person more than once, unless you are changing it.

You also may not vote if you’re not alive or participating in the game.

When we ask you to roleplay in this game, it’s actually pretty simple. You can say what you are thinking, by putting it in italics, like this, or you can do actions by putting asterisks around them, *like this*, but if you do not want to roleplay, you do not have to.

There will be many clues in the game, to help you determine who the mafia is. These could be very obvious or very, very subtle. Remember, every detail is important! To add to the suspense of the game, there will also be a few fake clues, but only 3 fake clues MAX in the game.


If you disobey any rules of the game, you will at the very least not be able to participate in the next round.

If you sign up to play this game, you need to be committed to playing it. This means voting when you can, and also if you have a main role, getting your answer to the narrator as quickly as possible. If you disappear, and don’t post for more than 5 days without giving notice (a pm to the narrator) or posting in this topic, you are removed from the game, especially if you’ve been posting in other parts of the board.

Role-claiming is NOT allowed at any point in the game while you are still alive. This means you are not allowed to say if you do indeed have a role in the game! Once you’re dead, the narrator will announce if you had a special role. HOWEVER, you may not speak about what you did in your role until the game is over!

Dead Members
Like in real life, when you’re dead, you’re dead. People can’t hear what you’re saying, or take your advice after your dead. Therefore, if you die in this game, you are not allowed to say who you think the mafia is, or how you used your job as the mafia spy/inspector/doctor/mafia, or give clues to whom you think/know the mafia is. That is the narrator’s job. Furthermore, please keep your haunting of the thread to a minimum, we don’t want the thread cluttered up with ghosts.

Time Limits
Having deadlines makes the game run quicker, and more smoothly. The deadlines apply to the all players, and they will be firm. Deciding the time limits is up to the discretion of the narrator.

Typical Mafia Roles:
Note: The narrator may add/remove/modify as many roles as they see fit.

Mafia Members:
Each day, the narrator will PM you asking who you'd like to "kill", and by the next day, that user will be dead. You can explain the specifics of how the murder ended up happening, or the narrator can just fabricate something interesting for the meeting. During the rest of the day your job is to act as much like a normal crew member as you can so as to not be uncovered as a murderer. Be convincing, or be dead.


Each day, the narrator will PM you asking who you'd like to attempt to save. If you choose the same person to save as the mafia choses to kill, they don't die! Congrats! Well done! Your power also works against the serial killer’s kills. The rest of the day, your job is to act as a normal member, and not tell anyone that you’re the doctor.

You will know the identities of all the mafia, however, they do not know who you are. However, you are not permitted to reveal their role to the residents. In the case of a simple majority, you count as a townie. You will send one clue each day to the Inspector, but you are not allowed to disclose any hints at any point (alive or dead) until the game is over!

Each day, the narrator PM you with some (likely very obscure) clue from the Mafia Spy, which you can use to help try to help your fellow members figure out who the killer(s) are. The rest of the day, your job is to act as a normal member, and not tell anyone that you’re the inspector. You are not allowed to disclose any hints at any point (alive or dead) until the game is over!

Bulletproof Member:
The bulletproof member is a role that may be bestowed upon anyone, even someone who already has a role (including the mafia members) The bulletproof member is one that is immune to the mafia and serial killer’s kills (not lynchings) during the game. The narrator will not announce whether or not the member was saved through being bulletproof or by a doctor save, nor may the member or the doctor announce such a thing. The bulletproof member is typically a one-shot bulletproof member, which means it will only be immune to the first attempted kill. Remember, you can’t tell anyone that you’re bulletproof while you’re alive in the game.

Regular Citizen:
Your job is to be level headed and well informed about who you and the rest of the jury vote to execute each day. It's a big decision, but without you, we'll never be rid of the mafia!

Serial Killer:
The serial killer only wins when all other players in the game are dead. The serial killer isn’t aligned with the mafia or the townies, but is on their own team. Neither the mafia, nor the townies will win, unless the serial killer is dead. However, to make the game a little more fair, the serial killer only has a 50/50 chance of their kill working out, which the narrator will determine using a randomizer. Both the doctor’s saves and the bulletproof member’s immunity work against the serial killer’s kills.

The narrator will not differentiate between whom the serial killer killed or the mafia killed, and you will not know who the serial killer attempted to kill if their kill was unsuccessful. The narrator will also not give an clues to allude to whom the serial killer is.
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