Rules of the game room (please read before posting)

Are you a hardcore gamer? Just a casual role player? This is the place to hang out. But remember, "When you waste your time, you waste your life". You're the controller. Don't let the games control you.
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Rules of the game room (please read before posting)


Welcome to the game room!
As the primary goal of the Soda Shop is to host conversation about the world's favorite radio drama, we have some restrictions for this section to avoid letting things get out of hand.

Ten Post Limit
Avoid posting more than 10 posts a day on the game section, and make the posts you do make count. The RPG's deserve your utmost creativity in your posting, and the Mafia will never really be defeated unless you outwit them by putting together clues. This is your cumulative post count among all topics per day, not your limit per topic.

No Non-admin approved games
That's right, we're putting a limit on the games that end up here, to keep a high standard of the few that do get played. If you have a new idea for a game, you should first message an admin about it, and if they're down, you can go ahead and add it. Realize, though, that we likely won't keep many more than 5 or 6 games running at once.

All Board Wide Rules Also Apply
To read the board wide rules, click here
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