Welcome to my fanfiction abode!

A place to discuss your own works. Whether they may be literary, visual art, or music pieces, this is the place to show off your stuff!
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Welcome to my fanfiction abode!


Why, hello all of you! Yes, I do, in fact, write fanfic. I know, shocking. I've been working on some fangan projects, both of which right now are in the beginning stages.

I have two projects at the moment specifically
DRC7: Locked Behind Despair, Hope's Key Out of Sight (This is a project that hasn't yet had the prologue finished, unfortunately)

Danganronpa 420: Everyone's New and Improved Summer Camp of Murder

Both of these are mature for obvious reasons - they're based around franchises that are death games, have swearing, etc. . .
But, if you are interested, I shall drop the A03 link for 420, and I'll update the rest of you on when my second project's prologue is complete. Whether or not you all like it - i don't really care, I moreso want to just. .see thoughts and that sort of thing.

https://archiveofourown.org/works/30684 ... s/75715367

There's the URL, now, toodaloo for now!
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