How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Dramatized Reading)

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How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Dramatized Reading)


Hey guys! Been a while since I've been directly connected with you, but I wanted to share this since I feel like many of you might appreciate it.

I recently started a youtube channel to read storybooks to kids, but I've definitely taken a lot of inspiration from Odyssey and Radio Theatre in the presentation as far as music and sound effects go. I also felt for some reason really compelled to make something for Christmas this year as well, and seeing as almost everywhere is locking down even harder for the holidays I'm starting to sense why.

Wherever you are and however you're spending the holidays this year, I hope this reading brings you a little warmth and joy on a year where those things have seen a little bit of a drought. God bless and Merry Christmas everyone.

Written and illustrated by Dr. Suess
Read and produced by Garrett Vandenberg
Music by Garrett Vandenberg
Additional voices by Elise Vandenberg and Angela Vandenberg
Special Thanks to Andrew Gaskin
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